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Meraki Hair Clinic

Beard Oil

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Beard Oils just got better!!!THAT GUY beard oil is formulated with no known DHT-inhibiting ingredients.

THAT GUY delivers a brand new, game-changing Beard Oil. Our blend of  oils  and herbs is like nothing else on the market. Here is the amazing thing- it absorbs quickly and lasts long  providing thicker, softer, healthy hair and beard.


Oils - Peppermint, Grapeseed, Coconut , Lemongrass


Herbs - Neem, Rosemary, Burdock, Catnip, Moringa, Seasame, Hibiscus, Stinging nettle

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Benefits of our beard oil

Softens and strengthens beard hair.

Softens and treats dry/rough beards.

Provides the beard with vitamins and minerals for healthy beard growth.

Moisturises and protects the skin beneath the beard.

Helps get rid of beard itch.

Cleans the beard and leaves it smelling great.